Thomas Talks About LGBTQ:

Sex - Love - Relationships - Health

Thomas Talks About LGBTQ: Sex - Love - Relationships - Health

HAVE A QUESTION about sex, love, your relationship?

Optimally, this will become a mix of both information and advice. For the time being, please send any sex, love, and/or relationship questions to the e-mail below. Also, do you disagree with something I've said? Let me know!

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In all e-mails, please include your gender, age, location (city/state), and sexuality. 

By sending an e-mail, you are giving permission for Thomas to post portions of the e-mail on the website that do not include large identifying information (i.e name, e-mail address) that could lead back to you. However, portions will be selected so that readers will understand what it is that is being responding to. 

Please be advised that this is intended to be advice- an opinion. Thomas is NOT a licensed psychologist and any opinion or advice should be viewed as just that- he is here to offer an educated third party point-of-view, but is not responsible for any decisions you may make. Any thoughts, stories, opinions, advice, and/or otherwise are entirely of Thomas' own and are not necessary reflective of any organization, school, business, etc.